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noaltNo more on-call and after-hours for the vets of Hong Kong

At the Animal Emergency Centre our primary goal is to provide the best possible after hours emergency care to the pets of Hong Kong. We realise that most animal owners already have a regular vet, who they trust to look after their pets in every situation. However, vets are human and can't work 24 hours a day. At the AEC, our aim is to provide the highest possible level of care to your valued patients, when you're not working. However, once the patient is stable, they are moved back into the care of their regular vet, with a thorough account of the history, records, all blood tests and imaging that was conducted. Not only that, but we can transport the patients back in our ‘pet-ambulance' right to the door of your clinic.

For private veterinary practices in Hong Kong the Animal Emergency Centre provides the following services:

As a private practitioner in Hong Kong you can choose the level of service your clients receive from us. Some practices would enjoy our complete after-hours service, where they leave the Animal Emergency Centre's contact details on their clinic's after-hours messaging system. Our staff will handle all emergencies from the referring clinics without the client or AEC disturbing the referring vet out of hours. Non-critical cases will be advised that they can wait to see their regular vet in the morning.

Alternately, referring vets may choose to take out of hours phone calls from their clients and triage on a case by case basis, referring appropriate cases to the Animal Emergency Centre.

This will allow you peace of mind by meeting your clients' needs out of hours with a guaranteed referral back policy.

The Animal Emergency Centre also offers an overnight monitoring service for critical and at-risk cases currently in your hospital. For these cases, we can arrange for the pet to be picked up in our ‘pet-ambulance' from your clinic, transferred to the AEC for overnight monitoring and transported back to the referring clinic the next morning. Your case will be monitored closely and your instructions for treatment and medication will be carefully followed. We will contact you in the morning to discuss the progress overnight and arrange referral back to you.

Our goal at the Animal Emergency Centre is to form an ongoing relationship with you, the referring veterinarian. We aim to provide a comprehensive after hours service integrated with your practice, allowing you peace of mind and a quality work life balance, whilst adding value, service and satisfaction for your patients.



To help streamline our services, we are uniting our practices.

The Animal Emergency Centre will become a part of East Island 24hr Animal Hospital, and you may notice we will be using the Creature Comforts logo for all of the practices. Everything else will stay the same – the same location, same management, same owners, same vets, same nurses and same dedication to our values. We at the Creature Comforts Group look forward to serving you and your pets.

Dr David Gething and all of the Creature Comforts Team.