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Hospital Facilities



Comfort, quality care and personal attention are given to every pet who is hospitalised with us. Large cages with comfortable bedding are provided and pets' are constantly monitored by our staff and CCTV. Vets and emergency room nurses conduct regular hospital rounds during the night to medicate and assess each hospitalised patient.


The Animal Emergency Centre has multiple dedicated surgical rooms, including areas for orthopaedic and high-sterility surgery, wet and trauma surgery, and dental procedures. Our surgeries are well equipped and always prepared for any emergency that may arise. Our anaesthesia and intensive monitoring equipment ensure all patients receive the safest and most modern care during any procedure.

Dedicated Cat Ward


Hospitalised cats are treated and housed in a dedicated ward with no access to dogs.  They won't hear any noisy barking or smell canine pheromones that dogs produce.  This greatly reduces the stress felt by our feline patients and increases their comfort levels while staying with us.  

Cats whose stress levels are low are usually easier to medicate and may recover from illness more quickly.  So the next time your cat needs to stay in hospital you can rest assured that they are in the most comfortable environment possible.


Digital Imaging (X-ray and Ultrasound)


State of the art high-frequency low-radiation digital x-ray equipment and digital doppler multi-mode ultrasound means that your pet's diagnostic images will come out clear and sharp every time – enabling the doctor in charge to make faster, more accurate diagnoses and reduce the time in the imaging suite for your pet. All digital x-rays and ultrasound scans can then be easily transferred to your regular veterinarian to keep them informed and allow them to carry on future care.


In-House Laboratory

Our in house laboratory provides the most comprehensive tests available to ensure accurate and fast diagnoses for your critically ill pet. All laboratory results are also digitally stored and available to transfer back to your regular veterinarian for follow-up care as necessary.

Oxygen Therapy

Pets in need of oxygen therapy will benefit from our intensive care units that provide continuous oxygen for pets suffering from respiratory stress.



To help streamline our services, we are uniting our practices.

The Animal Emergency Centre will become a part of East Island 24hr Animal Hospital, and you may notice we will be using the Creature Comforts logo for all of the practices. Everything else will stay the same – the same location, same management, same owners, same vets, same nurses and same dedication to our values. We at the Creature Comforts Group look forward to serving you and your pets.

Dr David Gething and all of the Creature Comforts Team.